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Created: 2nd June 1996. Last updated: Wednesday, 3rd December 1997 - Release. 1.4

Consultancy offering systems programming and specialist security services across MVS, Windows NT and UNIX systems.

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RACF Technical
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ACF2 Technical Information and Links

Eastern Canada CA-ACF2 Users Group (ECAUG)

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RACF Technical Information and Links

Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) from IBM
Georgia RACF Users' Group
New York RACF User's Group
Michigan/Ohio RACF User's Group
Seattle RACF User's Group
IBM S/390 Home Page
IBM FTP Site for RACF information files

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MVS Information and Links

National Systems Programmers Association (NaSPA)
IBM CICS Home Page
jan de decker's MVS/ESA Page
MVS Documentation and Writeups

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NT Security Information and Links

NT Security from Somar Software
Windows NT Sites
Unauthorized Windows 95 Updates
Windows NT Link Page
Windows NT Workstation Tech Center
Rocky Mountain Windows NT User Group Home Page
Windows NT Unofficial Web Page
Exploring Windows NT Home Page
NT Announcements

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Watch this space- Integrity Solutions Training catalogue and Schedule will be published soon ......

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Computer and Network Security Reference Index
Rutgers Security Page
Audit Serve: Technical Articles
Computer Security Administration
CSTC Introduction
Southeast Michigan Security Special Interest Group Home Page.
Data Processing Management Association's Home Page
Computer Security Institute's Home Page
alt.security.index (Index for Above).
comp.security.announce - Announcements {from the CERT} about security.
comp.security.misc - Security issues of computers and networks.
comp.security.unix - Discussion of Unix security.
misc.security - Miscellaneous Security Issues.
comp.risks - Risks to the public from computers & users.
comp.virus - Computer viruses & security.
alt.security.pgp - Pretty Good Privacy.
alt.security.ripem - Privacy Enhanced Mail.
Information Systems Audit & Control Association - ISACA
Information Systems Audit & Control Association - New Mexico Chapter
Cyberlinks Computer Security

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